Caddy Corner

Unknown building built 1856

the fourth building in my Landmarks through the Viewfinder house sits caddy corner to the Culbertson Mansion along East Main Street in New Albany, Indiana. This section of main street is called mansion row and you’d be hard pressed to pass up a photo opportunity on many of the buildings here. The placard on the exterior only said that this house was built in 1856. Beautiful double arched windows, columns and the “tower” make this an eye catcher!


2 responses

  1. Kevin Martin

    There is a house in Middletown, OH that looks very similar to that, maybe a little bigger, but everytime I drive by it I want to go up and knock on the door and ask for a tour. Beautiful home.

    13 January 10 at 14:33

  2. hrbsh97

    I love your photos .. they are so realistic .. it’s almost as if I could be standing there 🙂 .. thanks for sharing!

    13 January 10 at 16:26

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