MMX 016 Happy Accident

MMX 016 Happy Accident

My wife is my barber. I normally keep my hair at a nice easy #2 guide on the clippers. Until yesterday, when she went to cut my hair while watching the Kentucky vs Auburn game. She forgot to place the guide on the clippers and began to cut. She made a good attempt to salvage the hair cut, but it looked like a bowl cut and that just will not work. Once she told me what happened (she only got two swipes before realizing), all I could think was “what a good photo of the day this will make tomorrow”. This is the exact image I had in my head, and I am happy that it turned out so well. In the words of Bob Ross my wife didn’t make a mistake she had “a happy accident”. Thanks for the good photo opportunity!

Photo taken with iPhone. Edited using CameraBag App, PS Mobile app and Mill Colour App in the iPhone.


6 responses

  1. EverRose

    Reminds me of Darth Vader without his helmet. Tee hee!

    17 January 10 at 20:36

  2. ericsbaldbytes

    Hey Joel,
    LOVE THE PHOTO!!! Your story is a bit like mine. I am an accidental bald guy as well, except it was me that cut my hair. Been shaving since then! Love the clean and simple look. By the way you have a good shaped melon. I would love to run a blog post this week with a link to your blog. Would that be ok? Great stuff.

    18 January 10 at 16:23

    • Eric, you can link to my blog. Thanks for the compliments!

      18 January 10 at 17:55

  3. ericsbaldbytes

    Thanks brother!

    18 January 10 at 18:23

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  5. ericsbaldbytes

    Hey Joel, thought I would let you know that I linked your story today at

    21 January 10 at 09:58

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