Safety in Numbers

Louisville has fierce bicycle gangs that roam the streets (mostly on Saturdays). Please do not attempt to feed or pet them. let the wild packs of cyclists roam free.

Many people think Louisville as one of the best places to ride. Our Mayor has even included lanes just for cyclists. Please be safe and watch out for them.


3 responses

  1. EverRose

    I really like the paths at the park by the river. I think Pittsburgh needs to make use of the rivers in the same way.

    18 January 10 at 14:29

  2. Jenn Lee

    I just wish where “there aren’t bike lanes” cyclists would be more courteous to drivers.

    18 January 10 at 16:05

    • I understand. I have run across a few “gangs” of cyclists that think they do not need to follow the rules of the road. I wish every cyclist would be courteous, I will allow them plenty of room.

      19 January 10 at 17:51

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