Along the Parkway

Preiser Scientific 2

While on the hunt for the photo of the day (Project 365 MMX version) I had an idea. I will feature one section of Louisville as a photographic journey. There are many distinct areas of this Metro and I think all of them have their own style. The next few installments of photographs will be along the Algonquin Parkway & Southwestern Parkway.

Park System Map

The Parkways were originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (the same designer as New York City’s Central Park). His firm designed three ‘Flagship’ parks in Louisville, Cherokee, Iroquois and Shawnee parks. Each park had a road that lead to it and they used to intersect each other. Eastern Parkway leads to Cherokee Park, Southern Parkway leads to Iroquois Park and the Southwestern & Northwestern Parkways lead to Shawnee Park. You can read more about the Olmsted Parks at

Preiser Scientific


2 responses

  1. ericsbaldbytes

    Loving the study of the same part of the building from different angles and perspectives! COOL

    24 January 10 at 14:06

  2. Great stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing more perspectives along the parkways.

    24 January 10 at 17:19

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