Shawnee Park


This tree just wanted to pose next to the smoke stacks of the electric plant. The plant is across the river, but theses three verticals just had to be photographed. It may speak volumes for some people, others just like vertical lines. I have no real message with this photo, just looking at composition.

Shawnee Pavilion

The pavilion in Shawnee Park covered with snow. Just documenting the snow event we had this week.


3 responses

  1. Hey Joel – What are you using for equipment and can you tell me if you are using a tripod for these, and a polarizer? If so, what brand? You get the deepest blue from the sky and I am jealous!

    3 February 10 at 09:21

  2. ericsbaldbytes

    You have the eye, that’s for sure. Something about 3s isn’t there. Very… just right! Nice

    3 February 10 at 09:26

  3. Thanks Joe & Eric. I did not use a tripod for these, but often I do. I have a tiffen circular polarizer but did not use it for these photos. The sun was directly behind me. I did not edit these much in Lightroom, except for a little cropping. The blue you see is what i saw that morning. Rarely in the Ohio Valley do we get clear days like this, often the haze makes the sky look sickly. May camera is a Canon 10D, the top photo was taken with a Canon 35-135 zoom lens, the bottom photo was taken with a Sigma 15-30 lens.

    3 February 10 at 12:57

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