ATL Pick Four

The Actors Theater Louisville has an open call for their current season for art work to be displayed in their gallery. You, my faithful readers have the opportunity to select the photos that will be submitted.

Please pick four photos that you think are the best. Click the photos to see larger versions. Have fun!

1. Shelter this way Shelter This Way

2. 002/365 Memorial Auditorium HDR Memorial Auditorium

3. 003/365 Bowman Terminal Bowman Terminal

4. 004/365 Pike Pole Pike pole

5. 015/365 Icy Sunset Icy Sunset

6. Lighthouse Point Park Lighthouse point Park

7. MMX 002 MMX 002

8. MMX 008 Ohio River Ohio River overlook

9. 59 Waiting for Water

10. Louisville Chemical Louisville Chemical

11. Shawnee Golf Course Shawnee Golf Course

12. MMX 022 Construction Construction

13. Main Street Main Street

14. 20080517-20080517-IMG_0046_pt Brick

15. 029/365 Oh Deer Oh, Dear

16. MMX 032 Dog Run Hill Dog Run Hill

17. Reach for the Sky Reach for the Sky

18. MMX 024 Alleyway Alleyway


One response

  1. In no particular order – shelter, auditorium, pike (LOVE IT!!!) and lighthouse.

    4 February 10 at 09:49

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