Today the Along the Parkway series finds us on Eastern Parkway. This building sits near Cherokee Park and I have wondered what the round building contains? 2111 Eastern Parkway is the official address, I think they are apartments (which are common in this section of Eastern Parkway).


3 responses

  1. HOOPS

    I like round thingies!

    6 February 10 at 09:19

  2. Eric

    I’m currently living here. If you’d have shot this photo a year ago, we’d have a nice image of mature trees on either side of the building. Unfortunately, those were deemed unnecessary. The building is called The Ambassador, and was built in the 1920s. I haven’t gotten a straight answer as to what the purpose of the round building was, but it’s empty these days. I imagine it was some sort of valet or groundskeepers’ shop.

    8 February 10 at 17:00

    • Thanks for the update Eric! Sorry to hear about the trees, I’m glad the ice storm didn’t take them down last year.

      8 February 10 at 21:14

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