MMX 037 It’s Been a week

MMX 037 Its been a week

Sitting at the kitchen table, wondering what on earth I was going to take a photo of today. I don’t have the desire to go out into the cold night and search for a subject. I don’t have the lights or talent to shoot like Dustin Diaz. I took a few shots around the house, then out of sheer lack of good subjects, I just turned the camera around on myself. I promised myself that I would take some self portraits (with the idea that I could do shots like MR. Diaz) this year and explore a subject I have never photographed, me. Here is the third self portrait in project 365. This has been a busy week & I am extremely tired.


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  1. ericsbaldbytes

    Wonderful topic! That is such a great point, we always seem to looking out for most things when the answers to most questions lie within.

    7 February 10 at 09:50

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