MMX 039 Take a Hike

MMX 039 Take a Hike

Today, I decided to get back outside and go for a hike. I chose Jefferson Memorial Forest Blue trail in the Paul Yost Recreation area. The trail is listed at 2.7 miles, but my GPS said I walked a little over 3 miles. Like many of the trails in the JMF there are a lot of elevation changes, mostly a few hundred feet and they are steep. The switchbacks seem to go on forever and as soon as you are on the top of a knob, you head right back down to the valley. Around the 1 mile marker there is a nice section that crosses several streams and provides some level terrain.

Ice covered trail

We found one section of trail that was completely covered in ice. The snow melt of the previous day left a frozen river for us to bushwack a path around.

Forest View

A view of the land around the forest. The paths were mostly frozen, a few had packed snow and made the trail a little slick. I would recommend traction device and trekking poles for extra stability. I hope to hit the trails again after the next snowfall.


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