Warbirds at Sun N Fun

Spiral Cone

Sun N Fun is a spring break event for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The event is held every year in Lakeland, Florida at the Lakeland Airport. The fly-in event begins on Tuesday and they have an air show on Saturday. Many different planes are available for viewing including historic aircraft, warbirds, military planes, experimental planes, sea planes (they even had a splash-in event for the sea planes on Friday). The Sun N Fun event marks the begining of the spring & summer air show season and fly-in events like Oshkosh.

B-25H Barbie III
B-25H Barbie III. The H model has four 50mm guns on the nose and one 75mm canon also.

B-25H Barbie III nose guns
Barbie III’s nose guns

P-40 Suzy
P-40 Suzy.

Latitude Dancer
Latitude Dancer. I don’t know what model plane this is, but I remember it was used to transport the high ranking officers in the Air Force in WWII.

C-47 Spooky
C-47 Spooky

C-47 Tico Belle
C-47 Tico Belle


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