Forest View

When you go past a managed forest you see a mass of tree trunks. Then at a certain point you look again you realize they are all in prefect rows. Clarity. Clarity of vision. What you’ve been looking at from the wrong angle and not seeing at all. You labor, you sweat to see what you couldn’t see from that other perspective. – The Edge

Scotts Gap Red Trail

The quote is from the documentary “It Might Get Loud”, where the guitarist for U2 was describing his creative struggle when he wrote the basis for the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. I thought his explanation was one of the best for understanding the creative process. You toil, sweat and labor over the work. One glance from a different angle, suddenly it all makes sense, comes together, often in ways other than you first imagined.

The Path


One response

  1. This is indeed clarity of vision and so many miss this simple beauty. Great eye Joel and wonderful photos!

    22 May 10 at 16:06

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