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Power Plant on Lake Parker

Lake Parker Powerplant

Fort Island beach, Florida

Gulf of Mexico

Looking towards the Gulf from the jetty at Fort Island Beach.

Lake Parker, Lakeland, FL

Lake Parker

Lake Parker Park, in Lakeland, Florida.

Lake Parker Sunset

Lake Parker, FLorida

MMX 176 Lion Gate

MMX 176 Lion, Gate

This lion is guarding a gate to nowhere.

MMX 175 Ears

MMX 175 Ears

MMX 175 Ears

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I posted both. I think they both have merits. This is third in the Tools of the Trade, EMS.



NTG the common abbreviation for Nitroglycerin.

MMX 173 Get the point?

MMX 175 Get the point?

Fourteen gauge IV catheter. Up close and personal.