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MMX 058 Nothing Shocking

MMX 058 Nothing Shocking

I have no idea what or why. Just needed a photo of the day.


MMX 057 Radar Sun

MMX 057 Radar Sun

The radar tower at KSDF airport with the setting sun behind the tower.

MMX 056 Catching Snow

MMX 056

My Wife trying to catch snowflakes with her tongue.

MMX 055 Hazy Shade of Winter

MMX 055 Hazy shade of winter

“…hang on to your hope my friends”

Angles, Lines & Colors

Side of a Barn

Don’t really know why, but every now and then I just look up. Walking past this barn, I liked the blue sky, the lines from the boards & roof and the angles.

Union Station

Union Station, Lousiville, KY

Opened in 1891,Union Station was operated and built by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company. The station served as a rail depot until 1979, when Amtrak discontinued service to the station. The building is now the main offices for the Transit Authority of the River Cities (TARC), who runs the bus lines around the metro region. Read more about Union Station here

MMX 054 Running Water

MMX 054 Running water

I wish I had a polarizing filter on my iPhone. It’s getting a little difficult to find photos for project 365. I need to get more creative, somehow. My wife says I should make art out of the ordinary things around us. We’ll see what I can come up with tomorrow.