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MMX 091 Flowers

MMX 091 Flowers

The iPhone doesn’t do macro well, but I couldn’t pass up these flowers. It was early morning and the sun had not peaked over the horizon yet leaving a soft light.


MMX 090 Butchertown

MMX 090 Butchertown

A store front in Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood.

MMX 089 Med 934

MMX 089 Med 934

MMX 088 Dry pipe Valve

MMX 088 Tyco

MMX 087 Fuzzy People

MMX 087 Fuzzy People

Not a great photo by any means, but if I could take a picture of how I feel this would be the one. Just under the weather as they say and not feeling too well. I intended to have the people in focus. When reviewing the images later I realized that all the people were a little fuzzy. It worked well with how I was feeling so I kept this one.

MMX 086 Rainy Day

MMX 086 Rainy Day

Today it rained all day. Took a quick iPhone photo, wasn’t really feeling it this day.



While out scouting photos for the Indiana Historic Landmark Foundation, I happened upon an active railroad track. I caught this Norfolk-Southern engine pulling a train of cars.