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Str. Belle of Louisville


The legendary Steamer Belle of Louisville is owned by the city of Louisville. We always enjoy taking a cruise and this night was perfect.

CIty of Louisville

Safety first

The Gang Plank

Louisville Water Company

Abbey of Gethsemani

Abbey of Gethsemani

The wife and I went on a little journey to the Abbey of Gethsemani.  The well known author Thomas Merton spend 24 years as a monk at this abbey. The land is located in Trappist, KY just outside of New Haven, KY. We wanted to have a few days of fun, this was day number one. I thought it would be fun to carry only my Mamiya 645 camera with one lens the entire weekend. I shot with the standard 80mm lens and Fuji NPC 160 film. The image above is the chapel in the Abbey.


A stone cross on the Statues trail near the Abbey of Gethsemani

Field near Gethsemani

This field is found on the Statues Trail on land owned by the Abbey.

Prayer Shack

While walking along the Statues trail near the Abbey of Gethsemani, there is this tiny little shack with rosary beads and implements of prayer.

Emergency Services Photography

Car fire


012/365 Knockdown

Federal Signal Corp.



MMX 168 Shock

MMX 173 Get the point?

MMX 175 Ears

MMX 007
Fire Boat

Firefighter Checks Electrical Box


Means of egress



Worthington Fire Department rescues

Plainview Fire

010/365 Ready


Rubber Boots





20070212-ice 023

20070212-ice 034

My Office

HFD Briscoe Ridge-16

PRPFD Thomas Ave-8

PRPFD Thomas Ave-2

049/365 Sgt Cooke


Fire Ground

59Hose RollsCleaning suppliesFederal Signal Corp.4350
3110770979_14b3091b00_oLyndon Fire 19Fairdale Fire DepartmentBardstown Hobby FireMeans of egress
Worthington Fire Department rescuesCar fireFire BoatBoat Flip 2Water Rescue Training20030212-03B0107

Fire Ground, a set on Flickr.