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MMX 151 Memorial Day

MMX 151 Memorial Day

Memorial Day in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery. A small cemetery in Louisville, KY.


MMX 150 Flags

MMX 150 Flags
MMX 150 Flags – volunteers place flags on Waterfront Park in Louisville for Memorial Day. The flags spell USA when seen from above.

Volunteer Places Flags
Volunteer Placing flags

MMX 149 Battle of Corydon

MMX 149 Battle of Corydon

July 9, 1863- The attack occurred during Morgan’s Raid in the American Civil War as a force of 2,500 cavalry invaded the North in support of the Tullahoma Campaign. It was the only pitched battle of the Civil War that occurred in Indiana, and no battle has occurred within Indiana since.

Battle of Corydon – Wikipedia
Battle of Corydon Historic Site

MMX 148 Barge

MMX 148 Barge

A barge pushing empty containers.

MMX 147 Me Finks its gonna rain

MMX 147 Me finks it's gonna rain

MMX 146 Bridge too Far

MMX 146 Bridge

This is the old Shelbyville road bridge. Nature has reclaimed most of the concrete & pavement.

MMX 145 Wispy Clouds

MMX 145 Wispy clouds