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And they’re off…


A day at Churchill Downs race track. We place $2 bets on the horses, curse the jockey’s and wish we could understand all the shorthand in the program. Everyone has fun, usually, and I was lucky enough to get a few snap shots.

twin spires The famous twin spires are the trade mark of Churchill Downs, Inc.

Jake the snake Jake the Snake races down the home stretch. No, I didn’t have him to win the race, but at least I got this great photo!


Farnsley-Moreman Landing

Farnsley Mooreman Landing

This house built in 1837, sits on the banks of the Ohio River. The property is used as an educational tool to show what farming life was like on the river. Read more about the history of the Farnsley-Moreman Landing

The garden replicates what the Moreman family might have planted to use in their kitchen.


Louisville Fire Stations

LFD TS21 quarters
The Albert A. Stoll station was formerly the home of Louisville Fire’s Telesquirt 21. This station is on the National Registry of Historic Places

LFD Engine 20
LFD Engine 20, Located on Bardstown Road

LFD  E18 Quarters
LFD Engine 18, Located on South 4th Street.

Fire Houses

Cheshire Fire Department Station 2

Yes I am a geek for all things fire related. This is a little tour of fire stations I have seen. We will begin where I began my fire career. Above is Cheshire Fire Department Company 2. In 1954 the community in northern Cheshire wanted a fire house near them, but the town would not build one. The Cheshire Heights Community Organization formed and build a station on the high ground in the north of town. I was a member of Company 2 for only four years, but I still hold fond memories of my station & Engine. You can read more about the Cheshire Fire Department on their web site

Cheshire Fire Department Station 3
Cheshire Fire Department Station 3.

South Meridan Volunteer Fire Department
South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department, Meriden CT

New Haven FD Engine 16
New Haven Fire Department Engine 16

New Haven FD E16
NHFD Engine 16 ‘Mascot’

Views from inside the asylum

Window view

Double X fire station

Field House

Field House

I am told that this is called the Field House, located in the Clifton area of Louisville. I was told it is on the National Historic Registry, but I was unable to locate any information on the property.

Create, Share, Sustain

Chase Jarvis posted this gem on his blog. Create, Share, Sustain The basic idea is to just be creative and produce content just for the creative outlet. Who cares what happens, get out and produce whatever art you are into.

“Ok, I have created my art, now what?”

Share, it with everyone. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, linkedin, Flickr, Picasa, your own blog, email your friends share it everywhere you can.

Sustain, find ways to financially support your creativity. Many of us create the art on our own time & work full time. Keep doing what you have to do, so you can continue creating your art.

Watch Chase deliver a lecture to the Art Directors Club of Denver, where he lays out this Create, Share, Sustain theory.

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