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MMX 120 Met Life

MMX 120

It’s the day before the Kentucky Derby. The big race today at Churchill Downs is called the Kentucky Oaks. The Met Life dirigible was grounded for most of the day at Bowman Field due to winds gusting to 28 knots. Look closely and you can see a worker at the very front of the blimp.


MMX 119 Air 3

MMX 119 Air 3

Local news station WAVE Channel 3’s helicopter

MMX 118

MMX 118

MMX 117 Sunset at my office

MMX 117 Sunset at my office

MMX 116 Hammock Time

It finally warmed up enough to spend a little quality time in the back yard, doing nothing. Actually I had just finished mowing the yard and I was enjoying the breeze.

MMX 115

MMX 115

Scrappy, in her favorite place in the back yard. She is sitting next to me on the hammock. We call her pirate dog!

MMX 114 Storm Clouds

MMX 114 Shelf Cloud

This is what the sky looked like on my drive home.

This is what the radar was showing. Luckily for us, the line of storms broke up before it got to the city. It’s amazing how storms break up before they get to the city. The magic of the Ohio Valley.