Project 366 2016

18:366 Land

18:366 Land

Better than the last one. This image contains foreground, middle ground, and background objects. There are some things I wish I did better here, but this is a learning process.



17:366 X61 Bob White Field

17:366 X61


Unfortunately they cannot all be gems. Honestly, I do not like this image at all. I failed to convey what I saw at this little grass landing strip. This is learning taking place. Tomorrow is another day and another photograph will be taken.



16:366 Like this post

16:366 Like this Post

15:366 Sand Tracks

15:366 Sand tracks//

14:366 Stick figures in rock

14:366 Stick figures in rock


13:366 Swamp

13:366 Swamp//

Not really a swamp, but it has some similar characteristics. You can find this along one of the hiking trails at Lake Louisa State Park.

12:365 Reflections

12:366 Reflection

“Reflections of what you took from me…” No wait, not the song. Just a simple shot of reflections off the ambulance. Finding images at work will prove more difficult as the year moves forward. Only so many photos of an ambulance one can take.